Political Science | Introduction to American Politics
Y103 | 0506 | Morehouse

Politics are present in nearly every aspect of our lives.  Having just
witnessed the recent presidential election and seen the wide media coverage
of the event, now seems to be an ideal time to study politics.  The
objective of this introductory course is to expose you to the political
process, nationally and locally, in an effort to provide you with more than
a basic of government knowledge of the branches, but also allow you to
understand who is involved at every level, what your rights and
responsibilities are as citizens and how can you can work within our system
to make change.   Power is knowledge and this course will give you the power
to be politically aware and politically active by teaching the tools needed
to understand our system of government, how the branches fit together
coherently, and the factors that are involved to ensure representation of
the people.  The ultimate goal is for you to be able to watch the news, read
the newspaper and look at life through a political lens and gain a better
understanding of why the United States operates as it does and how politics
fits into our everyday lives.