Religious Studies | Diets, Dieties, and Danger:Food in Religious Life
R300 | 0563 | Spear

Eating is very literally a matter of taking the outside and
incorporating it into the self.  There is no human activity more
ordinary.  With the possible exception of sex, there is also no
activity regulated in greater detail by a greater variety of
religions.  This course follows two parallel trajectories.  It is an
introduction to the theories anthropologists, folklorists, and
historians have applied to such topics as sacrifice, food taboos, and
religious meals.  The course will also include detailed study of
instances where food practices (real or imagined) have marked the
boundaries between communities.  Topics include:  early Christians and
sacrifice, communion, kashrut, the blood lible, cannibalism and the
Hawaiian islands, and the foodways of Native Americans in the Pacific