Biology | Evolution
L318 | 0085 | Frey, F

Course format: Lecture: 1:30P-3:10P, TWRF, JH A106.

Requirements: Biol. L311 or S311.

Course description: The primary goal of this course is to import a
richer understanding of the processes generating, shaping, and
maintaining the diversity of life. In the first unit, we'll define
evolution by natural selection, discuss the history of evolutionary
thought, and learn the "nuts & bolts" of the evolutionary process. In
the second section, we'll take a closer look at selection and
"strategy thinking" as well as discuss some interesting evolutionary
topics including social behavior, cooperation, and preference. In the
final section of this course, we'll discuss how new species form,
learn how to reconstruct evoluationary history, and discuss human

Required text: TBA

Weekly assignments: TBA

Exams/papers: TBA