College Of Arts and Sciences | Art & Power
E103 | 2501 | Facos

Visual culture is a powerful tool of communication.  In this course we
will examine various kinds of social and political power and the ways it
(and its challengers) manipulates images to control and influence.  We
will consider six topics: 1) Faces of Power: Rulers from Amenhotep to
Clinton, 2) Spaces of Power: Stonehenge to the Washington Mall, 3)
Propaganda of War and Revolution   from   Ancient  Greece  to   Vietnam,
4) Images of Difference:  Imperialism, Colonialism,  Racism,  5) Gender
and  Power,  6) Social Class and Power.  We will decode the visual imagery
of paintings, palaces, posters and parades, monuments and movies,
architecture and advertising.  Assessment will be based on short
assignments and quizzes and emphasis is on collaborative learning.