East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asia: An Introduction
E100 | 0192 | Quimby

This course offers an overview of the traditional and modern cultures of the
countries of East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea.  In many ways, these three
cultures developed interactively, each one influencing the others.  Yet the
specific historical circumstances of China, Japan, and Korea also shaped
each of these three cultures in different ways.  With this in mind, our
approach to the study of East Asian history and culture will be comparative,
and we will look for similarities and differences in the development of
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean civilizations. Class discussion will be geared
toward understanding the cultural and historical interplay between these
three cultures, and we will also pay particular attention to the changing
image of the West in the development of modern East Asia.

The course will be conducted primarily in the format of instructor-led
discussion.  Course materials will consist of both historical readings as
well as more "cultural" materials, such as novels, short stories, films, and
artwork. Students will be expected to reflect on their own cultural
assumptions and to consider East Asian history and culture from different
perspectives. Grading will be based on attendance and participation, short
written homework assignments, two exams, and one 4-6 page paper and class