East Asian Languages and Cultures | Second-Year Japanese I (undergraduates)
J201 | 0193 | Dosaka, Oya

P: grade of C or better in J102 or equivalent proficiency

This course is for students who want to continue to develop the four basic
language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in a culturally
appropriate context.  Our goal is that students will be able to function in
various social situations in Japanese.  For example, you will be able to
talk about everything from the weather to environmental issues (and even
complain in Japanese!).

J201 will be offered in a 7-week session, beginning with the regular Summer
I classes, but going one week longer (7 May - 21 June).  Second-year
Japanese II (J202) will be offered immediately following, in a special
session roughly equivalent to Summer II (24 June - 9 August).  For maximum
benefit, students are encouraged to take both classes.  Unlike J201 and J202
during regular semesters, these summer courses will provide students with a
combination lecture/drill in smaller classes, but students will complete the
same number of credits as students earn when taking it in the regular
academic year.

Textbook: Nakama 2, by Makino, Hatasa, and Hatasa