Spanish and Portuguese | Graduate Colloquium
S695 | 0624 | Prof. Maryellen Bieder

S695 Graduate Colloquium (3 credits)
Topic: Summer Reading: Porno light, aventuras y otras novelas de los

This course offers the opportunity to do some summer reading and catch
up on the trends of the 1990s. We will read some of the hot-button
novels, from  Arturo Pérez-Reverte's best-selling adventure stories
and the cult classic HISTORIA DEL KRONEN (1994) to such porno light
novels as Almudena Grandes's LAS EDADES DE LULÚ (1989) and Lucía
Etxebarría's AMOR, CURIOSIDAD, PROZAC Y DUDAS (1997). We may include
recently canonized texts like Javier Marías's  EL CORAZÓN TAN BLANCO
(1992). Among the critical concepts we will discuss are pornography,
postmodernism, sex and violence, and the return to storytelling. We
may also view some contemporary films related to the readings.

The course will center on the discussion of novels, critical articles
and theory. Instead of a final paper, students will make a
presentation each week on an article of criticism or theory. The
identification of relevant critical and theoretical studies is an
integral part of the course, as is familiarity with journals that
publish in the area of contemporary Spanish studies.

S695 0624    1:00P-2:15P    D    BH141     Prof. Maryellen Bieder