History | Black Consciousness in US History
A300 | 0390 | Freeman

Above section open to undergraduates only

This course focuses on the history of black consciousness in United
States history from the colonial period to the twentieth century. It
is concerned with forms of African American expression and social
action as they are manifested in specific historical, cultural, and
political contexts. The course stresses flexibility and originality;
hence, most class time will lean heavily on discussion. Some of the
themes we will cover include Africa in African American thought and
culture, naming and identity, feminism and gender, movement and
migration, and the rhetoric of freedom in African American ideology.
Readings will be extensive and are drawn from such works as Sterling
Stuckey’s "Slave Culture," Ralph Ellison’s "Invisible Man," Angela
Davis’s "Blues Legacies and Black Feminism," Kenneth Clark’s "Dark
Ghetto," and Richard King’s "Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom."
Course requirements include five 2-3 page response papers and a final