H102 | 0387 | Howard

Above section carries culture studies credit
Above section open to undergraduates only

Why is terrorism one of the major problems for the world in the
twenty-first century?  Why is it so difficult to reach peace in the
Middle East?  Why are India and Pakistan building up troops on their
common border?  Why did NATO conduct bombing in Bosnia?  What
happened in the world wars and why are they still important?  These
are only a few of the questions that will be considered in this
class.  This course will provide an overview of the recent history of
the world.  We will look at important events of the twentieth
century, which will help students to understand the things that are
happening in the world at the present time.

Lectures and class discussions of readings will be the main ways in
which the material will be learned.  There will be daily reading
assignments to prepare for the next day’s discussion and lecture.
The readings will come from the textbook and from articles.  There
will be two take-home exams and an in-class final essay exam.  Grades
will be based on the exams and on participation in the class