Communication and Culture | Current Topics: How Global is Youth Culture?
C334 | 1048 | C. Khanke

This course aims to explore a wide spectrum of youth cultures in
contemporary Germany, with particular focus on media, music and
gender. The main question of the course will be: What does it mean to
understand youth cultures as local, national or global? While
introducing students to a variety of contemporary cultural theories
and analytical frameworks for the study of youth cultures and
globalization, we wish to discuss issues specific to young people in
post-unification Germany, while also providing a forum in which
students can discuss their own cultural experiences. As a reflection
of the instructorsí cross-cultural backgrounds (one is German and is
currently studying in the USA, while the other is American and has
studied in Germany) and their collaborative work in teaching this
course, emphasis will be placed on cross-cultural comparisons as well
as group learning and partner work.