Education | Practicum in Counseling
G524 | 0868 | Lynn Gilman

Course Description
This course is designed to provide Master’s level counseling students
with experiential training for work with clients. It includes
intensive supervision and instruction to help the student develop
basic clinical competencies in preparation for the Master’s
internship. The goal is to help you gain proficiency at counseling
techniques and conceptualizing cases. You will be expected to conduct
intake interviews and counseling sessions consistent with the demands
of your placement site while working approximately 12-16 hours per
week. In addition, you are expected to accumulate 40 direct service
hours during the combined summer session which may also include
outreach activities. Class time will consist of a combination of
didactic material, case discussions, and processing counselor
reactions to developmental and clinical concerns.
Required Text/Readings

Seligman, L. (2004). Technical and conceptual skills for mental
health professionals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

ACA and APA Codes of Ethics
Additional assigned readings

Suggested Text

Remley, T. P. & Herlihy, B. (2001). Ethical, legal and professional
issues in counseling. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.

DSM-IV Text Revision

Course Objectives include gaining basic competencies in the following
areas in preparation for the Master’s Internship experience:

•Conducting intake interviews according to site requirements

•Becoming comfortable with the assessment of suicide, violence and
substance abuse

•Learning how to make a brief case presentation for case staffing

•Distinguishing between therapeutic content and process

•Helping clients identify and define problems

•Collaborating with clients to establish attainable therapeutic goals
and documenting those goals in a treatment plan

•Preparing for and handling terminations with clients as needed

•Maximizing the relationship with your supervisor

•Understanding the professional role of a counselor

•Practicing in accordance with the ACA and APA ethical codes of

Course Requirements include the following:

•Attending all class sessions, if an absence is unavoidable the
instructor must be notified in advance

•Seeing clients through Friday, August 15th

•Participating in 1 hour of individual supervision each week in
addition to the supervision you receive at your site

•Maintaining accurate and timely case notes

•Keeping weekly time logs of counseling activities and submitting
signed total site and contact hours

•Completing all course assignments


•Maintain and submit a weekly site log (1-3 pages) describing the
responsibilities and challenges you are facing at your placement
site. You may also comment on your development as a counselor and any
struggles your are having adjusting to that role

•Prepare a 5-7 page written case presentation and include a taped
segment to present in class.  (Due Wednesday, July 30) The content of
the case presentation must include the following sections:

1)client demographics
2)presenting issues and relevant background information
3)diagnostic impressions, DSM-IV multi-axial
4)therapeutic goals/ treatment plan
5)interventions used and the underlying theoretical foundation for
the interventions
6)evaluation of current progress toward goals
7)assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in working with this
8)areas where you would like feedback from the instructor and your

•Develop an annotated bibliography of at least five articles related
to issues you are working on with your clients (Due Wednesday, July

•Write a 5 page paper evaluating your effectiveness as a counselor
and identifying areas for future professional development. The
content of the paper is up to you but please address the following
topics in your self-assessment. (Due Wednesday, July 30)

1)Intake/assessment skills
2)Identifying/defining client problems and determining therapeutic
3)Counseling techniques
4)Areas for growth

Grading Criteria

Your grade in the class will depend on the combined quality of your
counseling skills, written assignments and class participation.

Counseling skills 35%
Case Presentation 25%
Weekly site log	10%
Annotated Bibliography 10%
Effectiveness paper 10%
Class Participation and Attendance 10%

Tentative Class Schedule

Date	Topic	Reading
5/14 Introductions, review syllabus, CHG orientation	

5/21 Informed consent, consent to audio/video tape, confidentiality,
suicide/violence assessment, using supervision	ACA and APA ethical
Chapter one

5/28 Engaging clients and developing a working alliance	Chapters two
and three

6/4 Identifying problems and determining therapeutic goals
Chapters four and five

6/11 Developing a case conceptualization	
Chapter six

6/18 Treatment planning	
Chapter seven

6/25 Being purposeful	
Chapter eight

7/2 Facilitating change	
Chapter nine

7/9 Planning for termination	
Chapter ten

7/16 Psychotropic medication basics	

7/23 Case Presentations
Case presentation paper due on day of presentation	

7/30 Case Presentations	TBA

8/6 Case Presentations
Annotated bibliography due	

8/13 Case Presentations
Effectiveness paper due	TBA

Site logs are due each week at the beginning of class

If there are additional areas of interest that you would like to
discuss in class, please feel free to share them.

Final Grade Scale

90-100 A-/A/A+
80-89  B-/B/B+
70-79  C-/C/C+
60-69  D
50-59  F