Education | Genres of Research and Practice in Multicultural Education
J760 | 0887 | Bennett

This course develops a conceptual framework of twelve genres of
research and practice in multicultural education.  The genres
illustrate the complex multidisciplinary roots of multicultural
education, illustrate the depth and breadth of scholarly inquiry in
the field, provide a lens for viewing areas of emphasis and neglect,
and underscore hopeful possibilities for practice.  Two very central
genres, student achievement and ethnic identity development, will be
examined in more detail to illustrate the non-mutually exclusive and
interactive nature of the genres.  The class will emphasize
collaborative group discussions and analysis of the genres through
narratives, selected research reviews and reports, contemporary film,
and ethnography.  In addition, each member of the class will develop
a mini-proposal for inquiry and/or practice that is guided by one of
the twelve genres as well as personal professional interests and