History | Immigrants in Modern America
A300 | 1469 | Choi

This course will explore the place and meaning of immigrants in the
cultural and political life of the U.S. nation through an
examination of 20th century American popular culture, American
nationalism, meanings of citizenship, and the experiences of
immigrants themselves.  Additionally, this course will pay close
attention to the ways in which globalization, gender, class, and
race have shaped immigrant experience in the U.S.  In rethinking
immigrant paradigms, this course will emphasize an interdisciplinary
approach to U.S. history and students should be prepared to read and
write broadly on a wide variety of “texts” including newspapers,
autobiographies, cartoons, music, films, art, photographs,
magazines, and fiction.

It is the intent of this course to develop your critical reading and
writing skills on a wide range of materials, train you in the
rudiments of historical research, provide you the basics of web page
authoring and other digital media.  Additionally, this course will
provide you the opportunity to experiment with a number of
interdisciplinary approaches to history.