History | Indiana University Past & Present
H263 | 0383 | Capshew

This course provides an introduction to the history, traditions, and
culture of Indiana University.  The format combines lectures,
discussions, and field experiences, and stresses active learning in
its approach.  It draws on a variety of source materials, including
published works, archival documents, film, video, oral history, and
visits to various campus facilities.  In addition, the campus itself
is analyzed as a physical object and cultural artifact.  The entire
range of university activities is covered, including academic
programs (e.g., arts, humanities, social and natural sciences),
student life (e.g., athletics, Little 500, residential living),
administration (e.g., presidential leadership, organizational
structure, financing and governance), and external relations (on
local, state, national, and international levels).

Because of the special nature of its subject, the course takes a
participant-observer approach.  Students are encouraged to use their
existing knowledge and personal experiences of IU as a foundation
for further disciplined and critical investigations with the tools
of historical, social, and cultural analysis.  Students will be
assessed on the basis of quizzes, examinations, short writing
exercises, group projects, and class participation.