Nursing | Critical Care of the Adult (practicum using preceptor model
K490 | 1333 | D. Reising

The summer clinical practicum involves 112 clinical hours with a
selected critical care preceptor at either Bloomington Hospital or
Columbus Regional Hospital.  Clinical time is worked out with your
assigned preceptor promoting flexible, accessible learning. Students
are involved in caring for clients with critical care health
disruptions and multi-system problems. Within the clinical practicum,
many advanced critical care skills are taught, observed, practiced,
and evaluated by the preceptor (e.g., arterial blood gases,
arrhythmia analysis, ventilator care, etc). Online post-conferences
and discussion forums are conducted within the didactic course by the
online teacher facilitator. Locations for the practicum experiences
may vary with individual students and requests for specific locations.
•	BSN students within the Indiana University system who have
completed their sixth semester
•	ASN students within the Indiana University system who have
completed their third semester
•	RN-BSN students who need elective credits
•	Registered nurses (RNs) desiring to prepare for employment in
adult intensive care, cross-train in adult intensive care, refresh
their adult intensive care knowledge and skills, and/or to obtain
academic credit or contact hours to fulfill an elective requirement.
Proof of RN licensure, CPR, and OSHA training is required.
Weekly schedule:
•	Didactic—Modules are covered on a weekly basis with four
exams interspersed throughout the ten-week block. A course calendar
will be found within the online course. Maximum enrollment is 10
•	Practicum—Dates and times will be worked out with the
individual preceptor at the selected clinical facility. To fulfill
the three credit hours, 112 clinical hours with a selected preceptor
are required. Maximum enrollment is 10.
Deanna L. Reising, PhD, APRN, BC
Assistant Professor
Campus Address: Sycamore 405
Phone: (812) 855-1728