Nursing | Critical Care of the Adult
K492 | 1330 | D. Reising

The ten-week, online didactic course (May 12–July 18) provides
comprehensive content on critical care concepts of the adult patient.
The course is divided into modules: respiratory, cardiovascular,
gastrointestinal, renal, endocrinology, neurology, immunology,
hematology, trauma and emergencies, and professional practice. Online
activities and critical thinking vignettes help the learner to apply
and synthesize the critical care concepts. Modules also contain a pre-
test for student self-evaluation, decision-making activities, and
exams to validate the learners' knowledge.

•	BSN students within the Indiana University system who have
completed their sixth semester
•	ASN students within the Indiana University system who have
completed their third semester
•	RN-BSN students who need elective credits
•	Registered nurses (RNs) desiring to prepare for employment in
adult intensive care, cross-train in adult intensive care, refresh
their adult intensive care knowledge and skills, and/or to obtain
academic credit or contact hours to fulfill an elective requirement.
Proof of RN licensure, CPR, and OSHA training is required.
Weekly schedule:
•	Didactic—Modules are covered on a weekly basis with four
exams interspersed throughout the ten-week block. A course calendar
will be found within the online course. Maximum enrollment is 10
•	Practicum—Dates and times will be worked out with the
individual preceptor at the selected clinical facility. To fulfill
the three credit hours, 112 clinical hours with a selected preceptor
are required. Maximum enrollment is 10.
Deanna L. Reising, PhD, APRN, BC
Assistant Professor
Campus Address: Sycamore 405
Phone: (812) 855-1728