Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 0571 | Scherr

Welcome to S100 - Introduction to Sociology!  What is sociology?
Why should you study it?  How is sociology useful to your life - -
or the world in general?  These are the types of questions we will
answer over the course of our time together.  To answer these
questions, we will explore the relationship between social patterns
and social interaction by studying some of the major topics in
sociology such as culture, socialization, social inequality, gender,
deviance, race and social class.  We will examine how the media, our
laws, and educational organizations influence our everyday lives as
well as how we influence the world around us.  We will learn how
sociologists "do" sociology, as well as the methods and theories
used in our discipline.

Our learning experience will be interactive.  We will read and
discuss, so that we become better critical thinkers.  Sometimes we
will write, as I believe writing increases our understanding and
sharpens our insight.  We will apply the methods and theories we
learn to the world around us.  My goal is to provide a unique
learning experience as we embark on an exciting journey into the
world of sociology.  As this is an interactive class, class
attendance is crucial.  Missing class is strongly discouraged,
particularly as this is a summer class that only meets twice a week.