Sociology | Society and the Individual
S230 | 0577 | Kaiser

Much of what we will read and discuss in this course will
demonstrate the ways in which the culture we live in and the people
around us shape our behaviors, our emotions, and our very “selves”.
Thus, we will be studying the impact of society on the individual
from a sociological perspective; or, to put it another way, this is
a course in social psychology from a sociological perspective.  Our
exploration of society’s influence upon the individual will cover a
variety of topics including: how we become competent social actors,
how we learn to present ourselves in social situations, and how we
may alter our behavior when in groups or let others “control” us.

It is my hope that by the end of this course you will see the ways
in which the culture you live in and the people around you influence
your behavior.  Likewise, I hope that you will begin to think about
how other people—because of their social circumstances—experience
the world we live in.  Class meetings will primarily consist of
lectures and class discussions.  Because exams will be based upon
lecture materials and readings; your attendance at lectures is