Sociology | Deviant Behavior & Social Control
S320 | 0579 | Suarez


What is deviance?  Who is deviant?  Who decides what is deviant?
When, where, and why is a behavior considered deviant or not?  How
is deviance controlled?  Are these methods of social control
effective and/or appropriate?  These questions and more will be
explored through a sociological perspective examining how deviance
changes over time and place as well as how deviance is controlled
and created by society.  In this course, we will learn about various
theoretical explanations of deviance and social control.  We will
also apply these theories to a variety of social issues, which may
or may not be considered deviant.  Through this course, we will gain
a heightened awareness of how to interpret and locate pressing
social issues in American society as they relate to our individual
lives as well as society as a whole.