Communication and Culture | Business and Professional Communication
C223 | 0148 | Staff

C223 is a course designed to familiarize students with the dynamic and
complex relationship between organizations and their surrounding
communities and cultures.  Organizations have been credited with any
number of negative developments in society (e.g. Exxon destroying the
environment), as well as a considerable positive advances (e.g. Green
Peace saving the environment).   Emphasizing the student's role as a
thoughtful producer and consumer of communication, this class will
focus on how individuals, organizations, and cultures can be
influenced to enhance community life.

Students in C223 will examine communication behaviors commonly
occurring in organizational settings, as well as developing the skills
needed for effective communication in diverse organizational contexts.
Students will study theories of leadership, ethics, culture,
learning, persuasion, group dynamics, and civic engagement.
Cultivating the skills necessary to communicate effectively with
diverse audiences will increase students' awareness of the underlying
communication processes (both verbal and nonverbal) necessary for
organizational success.   C223 students will participate in a variety
of communication activities, including an informational interview (
playing the role of interviewer), a group or team presentation that
focuses on an organizational or community problem and its solution,
and two or more public presentations that involve some form of
persuasion or advocacy (e.g., a speech that advocates the boycotting
of some product, company, or policy.)   In addition to oral
assignments, students will be asked to develop a set of interviewing
questions, to collaboratively develop a team/group agenda, to write a
speaking self-critique, and to complete other exams and/or short
written projects.  Finally, effective listening and critical thinking
skills are emphasized throughout the course.