East Asian Languages and Cultures | Korean-Japanese Relations in the 20th Century
E203 | 0211 | Choi

This course explores cross-cultural interactions between Japan and
Korea in the 20th century and how it has affected the processes of
shaping cultural and national identities in contemporary Korean and
Japanese societies.  We will begin with Western theories of cross-
cultural encounter and identity politics, and question their
applicability to East Asian identity discourse.  The next section of
the course will turn to colonial experiences in the early 20th
century and its impact on the lives of “colonizer” Japanese
and “colonized” Koreans.  The third section of the course will
examine the nationalistic ideas on “Koreanness” developed in the
postwar South and North Korean societies in opposition to Japanese
colonial legacy.  We will also be concerned with the Japanese
continuing search for their “unique” identity in the postwar period
and its implication in the lives of ethnic minority communities
including resident Koreans in Japan.