Spanish and Portuguese | Second-Year Spanish I
S200 | 0622-0625 | Staff

S200 Second Year Spanish I (3 credits)
Prerequisite: S105 or S135 or S150 or equivalent.

This course reviews some of the basic structures studied in the
first year, and examines them in more detail. Emphasis remains on
the four skills and on critical thinking skills.  Readings are both
journalistic and literary.  Grades are based on exams, oral tests,
homework, and a cumulative final exam.  Homework load is
substantial. The next course in this sequence is S250.

S200   0622     8:55A-10:10A    D   BH233    STAFF
S200   0623     8:55A-10:10A    D   BH237    STAFF
S200   0624     8:55A-10:10A    D   BH144    STAFF
S200   0625     8:55A-10:10A    D   BH229    STAFF