Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Computer Applications in Parks, Recreation, Sports and Tourism
R237 | 3449 | Dr. Craig M. Ross

Location: HPER Rm 154

Description of Course Content:

This course offers students an introduction to computer applications
in parks, recreation, sports and tourism.  The primary emphasis will
be placed on computing using Windows including word processing,
spreadsheet, database, presentation, desktop publishing,
electronic mail and world wide web computing skills.

Required Book List:

Required Text:  (1) “GO! with Microsoft Office 2003 Brief” By
Shelley Gaskin; (2) Explore IT 2002 (CD) (3) Train&Assess IT (CD)
This book is available in the IU Bookstore and TIS Bookstore

Required Supplies:  All students are required to purchase a 100mb
Zip Disk.  This disk will be used to store all projects and
assignments for the course.

Summary of Assignments:

Assignments include:  Cover letter and resume, three months personal
living budget spreadsheet, planning a workshop, a 'my dream sites'
project, and a final experience project.