Labor Studies | Contemporary Labor Problems
L205 | 1274 | Mello, William

This is a web-based course offered through OnCourse.

3 cr hrs, Section 1274, First Summer Session.  While the President
has declared the economy is strong, all is not rosy for American
workers or the labor movement.   Hundred of thousands of factory
jobs – and now white-collar jobs – are exported abroad every year.
The gap between rich and poor in the U.S. is wider than ever before.
The labor movement has declined to under 13% of the workforce, and
employers forcefully combat workers’ right to form a union through
legal and illegal means.  The course will discuss and debate some of
these major contemporary economic and political problems confronting
workers, organized labor, and society as a whole.  Topics we will
discuss include: globalization and the global justice movement;
plant closings; sweatshops; lean production;  evolving labor-
management cooperation programs; union democracy; issues of race and
gender; electoral politics; and responses to the decline of organized