Labor Studies | Working For A Living
L290 | 1509 | Scherr, Stacy

3 cr hrs, Section 1509, 6:30 – 9:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday,
SB150.   Almost all of us have to make a living, and as adults, we
spend about one-third of our lives working. In this course we will
explore the many facets of the world of work, from how and why people
end up in one type of job or career instead of another, to the
various factors influencing job satisfaction. We will explore issues
such as, if everyone has a voice and opportunity in the type of work
they do, why doesn’t everyone love their job and make millions? Why
do CEOs continue to receive enormous salaries and bonuses while their
employees get laid off due to a “poor economy” and downsizing? How
and why do organizations create positive or negative work
experiences? What is your dream job and could you love your work even
if you didn’t make much money?  We will begin with a brief overview
of the history of work, explore how the type of organization we work
for affects our professional and personal lives, and discover why
some are more likely to end up in high paying jobs while others end
up in low paying jobs. We will also discuss the global economy and
its effect on the labor market, the influence of technology, and the
types of jobs people will have in the future. By the end of this
course, you should better understand the world of work and its
consequences to you and society. Class time will be devoted to
discussion, interactive learning, and analysis. Your grade in this
course will be determined by various in and out of class activities,
a mid-course paper, and a final.