Psychology | Statistical Techniques
K300 | 0541 | Guth, S

This course covers material in the areas of descriptive and
inferential statistics.  Regarding descriptive statistics, topics
include the basics of organizing and presenting data, measures of
central tendency, measures of variability and measures of location
within a distribution, effects of linear transformations, the normal
distribution, elements of probability and regression and
correlation.  Topics in inferential statistics include the sign
(binomial) test, z -tests and t-tests on samples from single
populations and on samples from two independent populations, one-way,
two-way and three-way analyses of variance, chi square and other non-
parametric tests. Course grades are based entirely on three exams
plus an optional final.  Grades are not curved, with 90% being
an "A", 80% a "B," etc.  Daily attendance and homework assignments
are not monitored, but are absolutely essential for understanding the
course material and for passing the exams.  Also, make-up tests are
almost never offered, and only documented illnesses, or other
documented true emergencies allow for an "Excused" exam grade;
therefore, students who might feel the need to miss an exam for other
reasons should not enroll in this section.