Religious Studies | RELIGIONS OF THE WEST
R152 | 0574 | Byron Bangert

In this course, we will examine religions of the West (Judaism,
Christianity and Islam), and in the process develop ways of
approaching the study of Religion. To do this we will focus on
different dimensions of each religion, including authority,
scripture and tradition, worship and ritual, ethics, and political
order.  In studying these Abrahamic traditions, we will be
interested in some of the similarities that emerge between them, as
well as some of the features that emphasize their differences.
Additionally, we will note that even within these three traditions a
large number of divergences exist. The goal of this class, then, is
not only to get a better understanding of these monotheistic
religions, but to gain new perspective in the academic study of
Religion.  Required Texts:  Corrigan, Denny, et. al., Jews,
Christians, Muslims:  A Comparative Introduction; John Riches, The
Bible: A Very Short Introduction; John Esposito, Islam: The Straight