Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 0594 | Klingemann

Topic:  Medicine in America:  Physicians, Patients, and their

Are children over-medicated?  Should health care for the elderly be
rationed?  Should doctors help terminally ill patients commit
suicide?  Why do Americans spend more on health care than any other
industrialized country, yet do not have better health?  These are
just a few of the hotly debated issues related to health, illness,
and medical care in the United States.  In this course we will study
and discuss some of the central health-related topics from a
sociological perspective.  More specifically, we will examine (1)
How health and illness are defined or socially constructed; (2) How
social factors (e. g. race, gender and class) shape health outcomes;
(3) How individuals experience and respond to health problems and
(4) How the health of individuals is affected by the structure,
provision and organization of health services.