Telecommunications | Living in the Information Age
T101 | 0663-0666 | Cronk, S.

Summer 1 2004


Section 0663

M. Sam Cronk

“Living in the Information Age”

Course Description
Living in the Information Age is a required, foundational course for
new Telecommunications majors. During the semester we will trace the
development and explore the impact of new media technologies on our
society, examining both conceptual and practical aspects of
what “living in an information society” actually means.  We will
also tackle such fundamental issues as accessibility and the digital
divide, global communication (from telegraphs to satellites),
robotics and cyborg identities, essential  media theories, the video
game industry,  politics and the internet, and digital culture as
relevant to telecommunications professionals. The course is divided
into different thematic sections, each concentrating on different
aspects of communication technologies and contemporary social,
psychological, economic and cultural systems.

Prerequisites: None
Course Objectives:
*To gain a robust understanding of the historical, social and
psychological impact of new communication technologies
*To develop original thinking about new media in relation to
communication and telecommunications theories and active
participation through blogs, presentations and discussion sessions
*Through various media-related assignments, you will develop your
ability to analyze and write regularly about the evolving
information ecology as it affects media industries as well as social
and cultural life in general
* To be able to design and develop your own Web Page as a practical
way of becoming effectively media literate in the Information Age.

Course Format:
Lecture with student presentations and weekly labs/discussion
Grading Procedures:
A website (with content essay and storyboard assignments); 3 exams;
one “media diary” assignment; group presentations; in-class
assignments and reaction papers; discussion/lab work.

Requirements the course may meet:
T101 is specifically required for the Telecommunications major; may
also count for a minor in Telecommunications.
T101 may count in the COAS Social and Historical Distribution Area

Required Texts:
As of March 2004, no text has yet been assigned

Meeting times:
Daily, 8:55 AM to 10:10 AM.