Telecommunications | Telecommunications Processes and Effects
T314 | 0673 | Fox, J.


Section 0673

Julia R. Fox

Telecommunications Processes and Effects

Course Description
Tel T205 or consent of instructor

Course Objectives:
Examination of the effects of mass media on human cognitions,
attitudes, and behaviors, relying on empirical social science
research; emphasis on the effects on individuals, although study
will include groups, organizations, and social norms.

Course Format:

Grading Procedure:
Exams and written assignments

Requirements the course will meet:
Media and Society area
counts for 3 credit hours toward social and historical studies
distribution requirement

Required Texts:
Harris, R.  A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication, (most
recent edition).  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

Meeting times:
M-F 11:45A  1:00P