Telecommunications | Audio Production
T353 | 0676 | Castillo, R.

Summer I, 2004
T353 Audio Production
Section 0676
Instructor: Russ Castillo

Course Description

Prerequisites : T206, T283 or consent of instructor
Course Objectives: This course is intended as an introduction to
basic audio recording techniques for radio and television, music,
and new media production.  Hands-on activities will introduce you to
the most commonly encountered types of audio equipment and their
proper use.
Course Format: Hands-on lab
Grading Procedures: Final grades will be based on the studentís
understanding of class material and competence with skills
demonstrated in the labs.
Requirements the course will meet: 300-level course in
Telecommunications, Design and Production emphasis area of the major
Required Texts:  Alten, Stanley.  Audio in Media
Meeting times: M-R 1:10-3:50