Telecommunications | Interactive Transmedia Design
T361 | 0677 | Watrall, E.

Summer I 2004

T361 Interactive Transmedia Design

Section: 0677

Instructor: Ethan Watrall

Course Description:

Interactive Transmedia Design takes what we started in Interactivity
by Design and moves things up to the next level. Flash allows us to
have more control over the environment in which the user is placed.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It allows for much more
sophisticated use of graphic design, programming, and interactivity.
We shall explore the possibilities offered by this tool.  We shall
also examine issues of usability. What is good for the designer
might not be the best thing for the user. How do we maximize our
design goals while still creating an optimized environment for the

This class starts with the assumption that you know HTML, elementary
Photoshop, basic Javascript and the basics of pre-production for all
media. We assume that you know nothing about Flash.

Course Objectives:

Practice, practice, practice creating compelling
content. "Repetition is the mother of knowledge" (African proverb).
Introduce students to Flash and explore the software as a tool for
expression and communication.
Create media products that meet the needs of designers, clients and
users (not necessarily in that order).
Provide an environment for students to design and evaluate their own
creative work as well as learn how to critique and have their work
critiqued by fellow students.

Meeting Times:

Daily 4:00-5:15

Required Texts:

Flash MX 2004 Savvy(tm) by Ethan Watrall, Norbert Herber
Publisher: Sybex; Book and CD-ROM edition (December 16, 2003)
ISBN: 0782142842