West European Studies | Select Topics in W Eur Studies: Race in a Multicultural Europe
W605 | 0703 | M. Chaney

MTWR 1:10-2:40

Still looking for a Summer Session One course? Interested in
learning about the world through novels, autobiography, and popular
culture? Then look no further. Race in a Multicultural Europe
explores Germany, France, and the UK through the eyes of minority
citizens.  In the process, we'll examine how minority perspectives
alter our understanding of those European countries and shape our
understanding of identity. Drawing on a variety of disciplines and
approaches (anthropology/sociology, history, literary and film
studies), students will explore representations of West European
minority cultures in a range of texts--novels, autobiographies,
advertisements, hip hop and reggae music, and short films. Classes
will be discussion-based with occasional lectures, presentations,
and small group activities. Undergraduate students will be
responsible for class participation, two major papers, four short
responses to
critical readings, and one class presentation.  In addition to the
presentation, graduate students will write an abstract, an annotated
bibliography, and a longer research paper.