Biology | Biology of Birds
L376 | 1326-1327 | Hengeveld, S

Course format: Lecture: 10:00A-12:00P, TWR, JH 440. Students should
anticipate three Friday morning field trips (6A-12P).

Requirements:  Biol L111.

Course description: This course is a four-credit lecture/lab course
intended for biology majors.  The course provides a general overview
of avian systematics, distribution, evolution, ecology, and behavior;
emphasis is placed on avian physiology, migration and orientation,
territoriality, communication, and reproductive behaviors.  Field
trips concentrate on visual and auditory identification of local
birds, and field study research methods.  Labs focus on the study of
taxonomy, topography, feather structure, plumages and molts, sexual
dimorphism, and anatomy.

Required text: “Handbook of Bird Biology, Cornell Lab of
Ornithology, “Bird Field Guide”, National Geographic, “Birds of North
America”, Fourth edition, OR “Sibley Field Guide to Birds: Eastern
North America”.

Weekly assignments: Readings for lecture: 3-4 chapters per week.
Weekly lab or field trips; weekly lab assignments or field
identification quizzes.

Exams/papers: Two exams (midterm and comprehensive final); web
identification quizzes, periodic lecture quizzes, and independent
field work/observation.