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K 317 Enterprise Resource Planning Tools (3 cr.) P: I-Core and K 217. In this course a
business is viewed as a series of processes and sub-processes. To improve these processes
continuously, they must be understood and linked together. This understanding will
require the use of quantitative tools that can be used to analyze and improve each process
or sub-process and, to exploit the linking, SAP/R/3, a state-of-the-art enterprise resource
planning (ERP) tool for integration and management. The primary focus of the course
will be on understanding, applying, and integrating the elements of various management
science and operations management tools together to improve processes and operations.
This approach will work very well with SAP since the SAP R/3 system has been
developed using many of these same techniques. A typical course exercise will consist of
charting processes, estimating the time required to complete various tasks, determining
necessary resources, and attaining quality output. Finally, the processes or operations will
be stimulated. Process improvements will be developed either by eliminating waste or by
redesigning, using better flow techniques and technology.