Business | L 470 Research in Business Law and Public Policy
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L 470 Research in Business Law and Public Policy (3 cr.)In this three-hour independent
study course, students are required to write a 30-35 page research paper on a legal studies
topic of their choice. This class is designed to build on the analytical thinking and legal
analysis skills students have acquired in earlier business law courses. Additionally,
students will become familiar with the diverse legal research sources located within the
law school. Students will be expected to learn how to do research by using both legal
books and electronic sources. Information gained from these sources will be used in
preparing the research paper that should help hone the students' writing skills and lead to
clearer and more persuasive writing. Students will also be expected to demonstrate
expertise in legal research and legal citation. Toward that end, the research paper will
meet the general format of a law review article.