Communication and Culture | National Cinemas: Asian Americans & the Media
C398 | 11115 | Jeeyoung Shin

Meets Daily 11:45AM-1:00PM  (WY 106)
Required film screenings 6:00PM-9:00PM TR  (WY 106)

Fulfills COAS A&H Distribution requirement

Popular media provide more than simple entertainment or information
but also help shape our sense of personal and group identity, our
beliefs about what is “normal,” and our understanding of those who
are different from us.  In this course, we will critically examine
the role of the media in facilitating, reinforcing, or challenging
the widespread images of Asian Americans that circulate in our
popular culture.

We will begin with a consideration of the concept of race as social
construction and a brief introduction to Asian American history.
Then we will look at how the portrayals of Asians and Asian
Americans surfaced in the media, with a particular focus on
Hollywood films (eg. Cheat, Sayonara, Rush Hour), and attempt to
analyze them in relation to this historical context. Finally, we
will be introduced to the work of Asian Americans who, with varying
degrees of success, attempt to critique and challenge the monolithic
portrayals of Asians and Asian Americans, and construct their own
sense of identity.  In this section, we will discuss both
documentaries (eg.Who Killed Vincent Chin?) and narrative fiction
films (eg. Chan is Missing, Better Luck Tomorrow).