East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asian Religions
E202 | 12184 | Sarfati

Students will learn basic concepts at the center of the major East
Asian religious traditions:  Buddhism, Daoism,  Confucianism,
Shinto, and Shamanism.  Following a general overview of the main
power structures dominating the scene, we will discuss the
uniqueness of Chinese orthography and its impact on religious
developments in the entire region.  We will also taste some of the
aesthetic conventions in China, Japan, and Korea, their religious
origins, and historical changes in literature, theatre, and material
culture.  While most classes will focus on premodern times, at the
end of each section we will look ahead to the modern era.
Assignments will include a midterm and final exam, three 1-2 page
papers, and a short class presentation.