Fine Arts | Art and Life in Ancient Egypt
A310 | 11440 | J. Van Voorhis

The art and architecture of ancient Egypt have captivated and
influenced travelers, scholars, artists and others since antiquity
itself.  These works of art, however, were integrally linked to the
culture that produced them and reflect the social structures, belief
systems, and daily activities of the Egyptian people.  This course
will be organized thematically in order to examine Egyptian art and
architecture as a reflection of Egyptian society.  Topics will
include the gods and religious practices; the roles and
representations of the pharaoh; tombs, burial goods, and funerary
practices; images of daily life; and images of women, among others.
The history and practice of Egyptian archaeology, including
the discovery of  the tomb of Tutankhamun and the more recent
excavation of the tomb of Rameses’ sons will also be examined.