Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World
S333 | 3097 | Hernan Feldman

HISP-S 333 The Hispanic World  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  HISP-S 310 or equivalent

This course is introduction to cultural production in Spanish, with
readings and discussions of three main genres (narrative, poetry,
drama), and with special attention to twentieth century.  Students
will be tested on basic critical response to the readings and their
independent analyses of the texts. As with all advanced Spanish
courses, familiarity with the key aspects of the Spanish language is
assumed and expected of students.

The class grade will be based on the quality of the student's
participation in class, response papers, performance on oral
assignments, a midterm, and a final paper.  All discussion and
written work shall be done in Spanish.  Late submissions will result
in a lowering of the grade.

Note:  Credit given for only two of the following:  HISP-S 331,
HISP-S 332 or HISP-S 333

HISP-S 333  3097   11:45A-1:00P  D   Room=TBA    Feldman, H.