History | History of Ancient Near East
C300 | 11116 | Eckhart

Above section open to undergraduates only

Course Description:  This course will focus on the rise of the first
strong city-states of Sumer until the conquest of Alexander the Great
(3000-323BCE).  This course will allow us to explore in greater depth
the cultures and political systems of the Near East that are only
touched upon in Ancient Civilizations (H205).
By interweaving traditional political history with cultural and
literary sources, this course will expose students to a unique region
that is of continuing value in our world today.

Course Objectives:  This course has three objectives.  First, to give
students a basic introduction to the history of the ancient Near East
by breaking it into three periods:  City-States, Kingdoms, and
Empires.  Second, students will also discover the connections between
all aspects of human life and how this is interpreted and used by
historians.  Integral to both of these goals is demonstrating the use
of and practice with primary sources as the building blocks of