Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Applied Ecology - Forest Communities
R317 | 3450 | Rogers, J

Description of course content:
Forest Communities is an intensive two-week course utilizing
Bradford Woods Outdoor Center as a laboratory to explore the
ecosystems and interrelations in the forest.  This course is
designed to help students feel more comfortable interpreting forest
communities through identifying and understanding the basic
ecological parts and concepts associated with forest systems.

Required Book List:
-Kricher, John C. and Gordon Morrison (1988). Peterson’s Field
Guides: Eastern Forests. Boston, MS: Houghton Mifflin Co.
-Class Handouts

Summary of Assignments:
Field Journal  – Trees 150 pts & Labs 50 pts  = 200 pts
Each student will be required to keep a field journal.  One section
of this journal will be used to document lab/field work as well as
personal reflections. The second section of this journal will be
used to create a personal field guide to trees.
Group Project  – Presentation = 100 pts
Each group will be required to investigate a particular section of
forest and fully interpret their findings. This information will
then be used to deliver a group presentation lasting 15-20 minutes.
Final Exam  – 100 pts
The final exam will be administered on the last day of the course
and will cover classroom notes, readings, and field laboratory
Class Participation  – 50 pts
The nature of the course requires class participation.  Points will
be awarded on the basis of class involvement, questions, and overall
strength of participation. Participation is NOT the same as