Collins Living-Learning Center | Edible Wild Plants: Summer
L100 | 11350 | Lucille Bertuccio

Indiana has a variety of ecosystems and many local indigenous plants.  Many
of these plants are edible.  We will explore southern Indiana, specifically the
Paoli area, to discover the wildflowers in that area, learn how to identify them,
collect them, and hopefully, to cook them.  This is a weekend (Saturday to
Sunday) excursion course.  We will meet on campus Monday through Friday,
the week before the trip, to plan the trip and discuss the readings that have
been entered in e-reserve. In the field, students will draw the wildflowers
encountered in order to aid in the identification process; you will also learn
how to use a simple plant key. The textbook required is the Peterson's Field
Guide to Eastern Wildflowers.