Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 4799 | Fischer

We all have an image of how society functions based off of our own
personal experiences and the experiences of people within our small
social networks.  What happens when we look outside of ourselves for
answers to societal questions?  This is what the study of sociology
seeks to do.

The basis for this class is to explore systematic sociological
research that tries to explain why social interactions function in
the way that they do.  We will look at concepts such as race, class,
gender, sexuality, politics, social policy, and so on, to get a feel
for how sociologists make sense of the world.  The course will
challenge you to think outside of your own world in order to
critically analyze current social problems.  By learning the broad
theories, methods, and questions utilized within the field study, you
should leave the class with an ability to identify social problems
and the pros and cons of previous attempts to solve them.