Sociology | Women & Deviance
S329 | 4816 | Weinberg


Deviance?  Women?  Who could ask for a more interesting subject for
summer study!  Looking at theories of deviance and considering
victimization, lectures and readings, examine how women’s gender
roles relate to crime, mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction,
body image, rape, pornography, sex work, lesbianism.  The course has
some fascinating reading:  Street Women describes the lives of women
who work the street in Milwaukee and the men and family members in
their lives.  Women at the Wall is a study of prisoner’s wives “doing
time” on the outside.  And the course packet compiled for the class
has readings on ways in which women get devalued, alcoholism among
homemakers, employed women, and homeless women, women who murder
their infants, women crack dealers, how sex work is done in a crack
house, women and mental illness, becoming a porn actress, doing
stripping, constructions of attractiveness among Black versus White
women, identity and eating disorders, a positive feminist view of
prostitutes, the labeling of women athletes, lesbian norms,
fraternities and rape, and rapists’ attempts to excuse and justify
their behavior.  A guest speaker will discuss being labeled deviant.
Videos will be shown on women in prison, the reason for women’s
feelings of depression, and the shaping of body image.  There will
three non-cumulative exams.  Supplementary readings are suggested for
those students who wish to pursue the topic of women and deviances
beyond the assigned course materials.