Criminal Justice-COAS | Introduction to Criminal Justice
P100 | 6923 | Whitehead

This course provides an introduction to the criminal justice
system.  In this course, we will examine the structure, functions,
and processes of those agencies that are charged with the
administration of criminal justice in American society.  In addition
to the study of the criminal justice apparatus – police, courts, and
corrections - we will examine the issues that confront the many
actors that comprise the criminal justice system.  In this course,
we will confront a number of major themes, such as:  the history of
criminal justice in America, the due process v. crime control models
of criminal justice, the process of defining both crime and justice,
the process and structure of decision making among criminal justice
actors, and the myths regarding crime and justice that perpetuate
throughout society.   Contemporary problems and issues, such as
the “War on Terrorism”, “War on Drugs” and “Racial Profiling” will
also be examined and discussed.

While this is a required course for all criminal justice majors, it
also fulfills distribution requirements for other schools in the
College of Arts & Sciences.

1.	Bohm, Bob and Keith Haley.  (2002).  Introduction to
Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition.  McGraw Hill. ISBN: 0078253683
2.	Bohm, Bob and Jeffrey Walker.  (2006).  Demystifying Crime
and Criminal Justice, 1st Edition.  Roxbury.  ISBN: 1-933220-16-3

Class meetings:  Daily, 10:20 – 11:35

Instructor:  Stephanie Whitehead, Department of Criminal Justice