Fine Arts | Intermediate Photography
S392 | 7717 | Reilly M

S392 Intermediate Photography

This is a general course description based upon the academic year
semester.  Your instructor will advise you of your class

Prerequisite:  S291 and permission of the instructor.

Offered every semester.

An authorization from the instructor is required.

Introduction to theory and practice of photography for the serious
student.  There will be a series of progressive exercises aimed at
developing the studentís awareness and understanding of photography
and the relationship of creativity to the individual.  There will be
an attempt made to strike a balance between doing (crafts aspect)
and thinking (creative problem solving).

The format of the course is two class sessions:  one supervised lab
session and one critique per week and open lab time.

Assignments, Tests, Grades:  Critiques/discussion with grades based
on individual participation, performance, and work; quality of
improvement during the semester.  Attendance is required.

A lab fee is charged.  Please visit
for fee details.