Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Body Genres: Melodrama, Horror, & Pornography
G302 | 11356 | Sinwell, S

This course will be an investigation of body genres within the
cinema. We will focus on melodrama, horror, and pornography as film
genres that are especially prone to excess, as well as the
incorporation of the spectator’s body. We will also map out the
gendered, raced and sexualized nature of bodies within the context
of films that are not usually classified within the body genre.
Thus, by the end of this course, students should not only be able to
demonstrate their familiarity with these genres, but also imagine
the ways in which these genres intertwine through their mediation
with other genres (such as the action film) as well as through their
representations within an international context. Students will also
have the opportunity to delve into how our own bodies off-screen
respond to these genres.