History | Bustles, Bombs, and the Beatles: British History Since 1832
B200 | 12265 | Mares

This course is a survey of British history from the rise of the
middle class with the passage of the 1832 Reform Bill, through the
display of dominance at the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851, to
the crises of World War I and World War II and the rebuilding of
British society thereafter.  We’ll discuss the rise of British Pop
culture represented by the Beatles and Carnaby Street alongside
military and political developments such as the Falklands War and
Thatcherism and New Labour.  We will discuss key aspects of British
history and culture, focusing on the rise of Britain to industrial,
imperial, and economic dominance in the nineteenth century; the
crisis of population and power at the turn of the century through
the 1950s due to European competition, imperial conflicts, and war;
the “swinging sixties” and the “British Invasion”; and Britain’s
relationship with the growing European Union, the United Nations,
and the United States.