Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Rock Climbing Intermediate
R110 | TBA | David Calvin

This course is designed to introduce students to intermediate rock
climbing skills. R110 Intermediate Rock Climbing is a highly
experiential course where participants must engage in site setting,
rock climbing safety, anchor building and decision making.

Course Objectives
The class objectives are to teach students how to safely rock climb
and belay in an outdoor setting.  This will include learning:
	Identify and demonstrate proper use of climbing harness and belay device
	Knowledge and demonstrate care for climbing rope, prussic, and webbing
	Model all safety information discussed in class including; proper
fit of helmet, proper belay techniques, and back-up belays
	Demonstrate different climbing techniques and when to apply them
	Tie and properly dress the following knots; bowline, figure eight,
figure eight follow through, figure eight on a bite, water knot, and
double fisherman

Method of Course Instruction
This course combines both hands-on learning and classroom instruction.
Two thirds of the course will be spent in a wilderness setting using
experiential education components and the other third will be taught
from readings, presentations, and lecture.